Your data is in safe hands

We understand the importance of making sure both you and your clients’ information is secure.


Our infrastructure is plugged directly to the backbone of the internet via redundant Tier 1 connection


All data is backed-up every hour using an enterprise class back-up solution. Backed-up data is stored in a separate location for geographical separation


Our hardware contains mirrored disks (also known as RAID). With RAID, data is mirrored across two (or more) hard disks providing full redundancy. Data is never lost as long as one disk survives.


Data centre access is strictly limited to security-cleared personnel, controlled by extensive CCTV monitoring and state-of-the-art access control systems.

  • CCTV covers all areas of the data centre
  • Highly experienced security guards on duty 24x7x365
  • Role based access control requiring swipe-card, through multiple secure areas, ensuring absolutely no access to unauthorised personnel

Climate Controlled

Environmental controls are employed to make sure our infrastructure works to its full potential and delivers high performance day-in, day-out.

The data centre climate is maintained, monitored, adjusted and protected at all times using:

  • Top of the line air-conditioning units
  • Humidity analysers and accurate temperature monitors
  • Fire suppression equipment – if the worst should happen, FM-200 gas is discharged within just 2 seconds to suppress the affected area

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Uninterruptible Power Supply APC X UPS provides uninterruptible power to our infrastructure. In the case of a power outage, the power supply is switched instantly (with absolutely no interruption) to a diesel generator capable of running the data centres for 30 days